The Lord Has Need of It

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“And if anyone says to you, 'Why are you doing this?' say,

 'Because the Lord has need of it…’"  Mark 11:3

Kel had everything going for her: Ivy League education, bright career path, eligible bachelors in pursuit. But she left it all for the mission field of Sudan, where she spent the rest of her short life ministering to the poorest of the poor. Jak had hoarded pennies for years, scrimped when everyone else splurged, saved when everyone else spent. He knew it would all be worth it when he bought his first house. Then he learned about the orphanage in India that had been torched by terrorists. That very day, he bought a plane ticket, liquidated his saving, and headed to New Delhi. Why do they give it all away? Why would successful people who could live like kings in the U.S. choose to live like paupers in Ghana? Because the Lord has need of it.

Jesus did not ask for every donkey in Jerusalem. He had one picked out and He prepared the owner ahead of time. He did not steal the donkey. When the owner learned Who had asked for it, the animal was joyfully offered. A donkey is just a donkey until it becomes the King’s white steed. And our resources are common, everyday stuff—until they are placed in the hands of the King. Just as the owner of the donkey was prepared when the time came, so God prepares the hearts of those whom He has chosen for His purposes. He saves us and then calls us. He gives to us and then asks for it in return so that it will do far more in His hands than it could in ours. When others question, we answer like the disciples did: “Because the Lord has need of it.”


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