Two Trees

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In the middle of the garden were the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Genesis 2:9

The garden was alive with brilliant color and a thousand songbirds entertained in perfect harmony. Roses, honeysuckle, and lilacs filled the clear air with their heady perfume. And it was all a gift to them, a wedding gift from a loving Father. “Do you like it?” He asked. Their eyes were wide with wonder as they clutched hands and tried to take it in. “It’s all yours,” He whispered. “But you see those two trees in the middle? The one with the heavy fruit is off limits. Please don’t eat that; it will kill you. But everything else I made is just for you. I’ll come down and walk with you this evening to see how you’re doing. Enjoy!”

We sigh at this point in the story because we know what happens. It’s the same reaction we have when the dimwitted heroine in a movie heads toward the dark room. “Don’t do it!” we shout. And through thousands of years of history, we shout at our first parents: “Don’t do it!” But they did. And we do too. Given the choice between good and evil, we choose evil. The forbidden carries such an allure. SELF rises up and insists that the consequences can’t be all that bad. But they were then and they still are. Like Adam and Eve, we break the heart of our loving Father. But He refuses to live with a broken heart, so He broke His Son instead. On a different tree. Two trees—one destroys; one redeems. We choose the tree; we choose the consequences.

Adam’s tree said SELF was lord. Jesus’ tree says Jesus is Lord. Which tree are you choosing?

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