Now Israel loved Joseph more than any other of his sons... 
Genesis 37:3

“Here he comes, Dad’s little pet,” Rueben smirked. The ten brothers stood as a unit, hostility crackling in the air. As the eldest, Rueben had been the apple of his father’s eye, and the brothers all knew they were the fulfillment of God’s promise to their grandfather, Abraham. They had purpose, position, and power. Then Joseph came along, and Dad seemed to forget the rest of them. To make it worse, Dad flaunted his favoritism, giving an expensive robe to a little kid. The brat wore it like he was a king. They gave up trying to get Dad’s attention and turned their focus upon the one who’d stolen it. Hurt and resentment mushroomed into fighting and revenge. Little brother became the enemy and home became a battlefield.

Maybe you grew up in a home like that. You know the sting of favoritism and swore you’d never do that to your kids. But now, your family accuses you of the same thing. You don’t mean to, but it’s hard to treat them all equally when some are harder to handle than others. But there’s that one who wanted you when the others wanted Mama. Or he/she likes what you like, wants to be with you. Being a parent to more than one child is overwhelming, and treating them all equally is easier than it sounds. But if you find yourself favoring one child over the others, Jacob invites you to take a peek into his home and learn from his mistakes. His favoritism created disaster for one son and incited lying, hatred, and revenge in the others. Don’t be a Jacob.

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