The two angels arrived at Sodom… 
and Lot was sitting in the gateway of the city. 
Genesis 19:1

Sodom and Gomorrah were wicked places long before Lot arrived. Yet, he chose to move there anyway and became a respected leader in the most perverted twin-cities in the region. His neighbors, co-workers, and friends were vile and twisted people, but there were exciting career opportunities and the weather was beautiful. Lot may have excused his continued stay by thinking that he was a good influence; instead, he got comfortable with their sin. While Lot thought he was conquering Sodom, Sodom was conquering his family. His wife was destroyed and the girls ended up committing incest with their father.

Power, money, and success are strong lures, and many fathers sacrifice everything for them. They, like Lot, see a great opportunity and ignore everything else. They brush off the warning cries of “What about your family?” by insisting that they’re “doing this for them.” So they throw money, possessions, and permission at the kids instead of time, attention, and instruction. They assume the schools will educate them, the church will spiritualize them, and the mom will discipline them. Only too late do they realize that while they were conquering the world, the world was conquering their kids. Don’t be a Lot.

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