The Overlooked Commandment


What command appears in the Bible more than any other?

Did your mind flit to the Ten Commandments? The Great Commission?

Did you assume it was "Don't"?


There is a one-word command used more often than any other throughout the Old and New Testaments, yet it is rarely ever considered, much less obeyed.

That word is Remember.

God begins much of His instruction by first commanding us to remember. "Remember when I..." "Remember how I..." "Remember your God..."

He knows we need a basis upon which to place our ongoing obedience and that basis is to remember how He provided, comforted, defended, inspired, strengthened the last time.

Yet, when faced with another hurdle, we cower in fear, certain we've been deserted. No wonder God gets fed up with our lack of faith. We refuse to remember all He's already done.

When you hit the wall this week and another blow knocks you breathless, let your first response be to remember all God has brought you through thus far. That little word holds the key to facing with confidence whatever God allows in your path.

He wants us to Remember that regardless of how it looks, He's always been there and always will be.


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