Are You A Bumper Sticker?

Saw an interesting sight today.

A little red pickup idled in front of me at the stoplight. The back glass and tailgate were plastered with bumper stickers complaining about our government, spouting anti-American sentiment, and decrying foreigners taking American jobs. The driver's opinions were loud and clear. But as he pulled away, I had to laugh. The pickup was made by Toyota.

It made me think.

How many times are we quick to shout our opinions and defend our value system, while making life choices that cause others to wonder if we mean it? It is no longer unusual to read of a Family Values Politician being forced out of office because of an illicit affair. Or a left-leaning legislator with his finger in the profits of an overseas sweat-shop.

Wouldn't it be great if every one of us lived exactly what we said we believed? What if we never had to voice our opinions because our daily choices clearly reflected our heart values?

Jesus told his disciples that the world "will know you are Christians by your love."

Is that what we Christians are known for now? Or do our anti-everything slogans define us? Have we gained the reputation for being all talk and no show?

Jesus also said, "You are my disciples if you do what I command you."

He didn't say much about angry marches, shouting matches, or Bible thumping. He had a lot to say to the religious elite who spouted self-righteous jargon while oppressing the poor. I wonder how much of that ancient Pharisaical attitude has crept back into modern life?

How about your life?

Are you so busy defining what you're against and what others should do that you've neglected to take a hard look at your own selfish tendencies?

Be sure you're not a bold-faced bumper sticker on a Toyota.

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