Change A Life

My house looked so pretty in the fall sunshine, I had to share it with you! (Yankee had to be in the picture too. Couldn't make her move!)

My amazing daughter Susie is at it again. She and her friends are creating an organization to benefit children and adults in poverty-stricken areas, by making bracelets with the names of children they've met who need prayer and support. For a donation of at least $5, they will mail you a bracelet and information card of someone in need.They will use the donations to further their work and provide transportation for their band to go to these poverty-stricken areas, play benefit concerts, and help the local pastors minister to the people there.

They're just kids with big dreams, but they're dreaming in the right direction. Susie has put together a quick YouTube video of their project. Take a minute to check it out.
"But in as much as you do it unto the least of these, my brothers, you have done it unto Me..."

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