Just Let Go

A child was taken from a deplorable living situation and placed in a clean, safe home. Her every need was met: all the food she wanted, warmth, cleanliness, and love.

But she refused to let her new caretakers have the rancid rags she wore. She clutched them tightly, turning away from the beautiful soft clothing they held out for her to wear. Fear shadowed her eyes every time they offered an exchange of garment and she shook her head violently. "No, I need this. This is mine. I can't live without it."

The filthy clothing began to chafe and irritate her skin. The fumes kept others away, but still she hung on. It may be rotten, but it was familiar. She'd worn it so long, she didn't understand how much better it could be if she would just let go.

Letting go is tougher than it sounds. How many things do we cling to, certain that were we to let go, we would lose something precious? But most of what we refuse to let go of is as rancid as the child's clothing. We cling frantically to things, relationships, positions, and reputation when God is gently asking us to let go so He can give us what he's planned for us.

And too often, we cling to harmful emotions like anger, bitterness, and pride, certain, like the child was certain, that we can't live without it. Others can see it for what it is, but we believe it to be valuable, often never realizing what we are sacrificing in order to hang on to our filthy rags.

What might God be asking you to let go of this week? Are you clinging to something familiar and denying yourself the freedom that God wants to give you?

Try letting go. I did. And I'll never be the same.

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