An Audience of Angels

There's a party going on!

The town drunk went sober.

The sleazy girl cleaned up her act.

The gang of delinquents became a youth Bible study.

Luke 15 tell us that "there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents."

We usually interpret that to mean that the angels are rejoicing.

And they may be.

But read that carefully. Jesus said that there was joy "in their presence." In other words, they were witnesses to the joy of another. Someone is rejoicing in front of them.

And Who might that be?

It is not the angels who are delirious with excitement when one lost sinner is reclaimed for God's kingdom. It is not the angels who have so much of themselves invested in rebellious Man. It is God Himself.
His joy is uncontainable when His plan of redemption rescues one more from the clutches of the enemy.

Heaven is always full of joy, the epitome of complete delight; yet, this verse indicates that even more can be added. The only possible way to increase such joy is through the repentance of those created in His image.

Popular notion, as well as distorted legalistic views of the past, have us imagining God as a frowning dictator, disgusted with everything we do. A stern parent who can never be pleased.

But the Bible gives a much different picture. He spares no effort or expense to draw every human soul to Himself and when one hard heart softens, His joy reverberates throughout the universe.

One of my clients accepted God's greatest gift this week and was born into God's family. And I'm certain I can hear the shouts of joy still bouncing off the planets. One weary human soul amidst the millions; yet, we have the promise of Jesus that each has the power to make the Creator of everything even more joyful.

Has Heaven rejoiced over you?


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