It's Not Rocket Science

It's me writing today. Babe.

I need to file a complaint.

These people I live with, they expect the IMPOSSIBLE! They're always throwing new words at me, expecting me to know what to do.

Now I won't argue with the fact that we Irish gals aren't famous for our intellect, but c'mon...

For example, ever since I got here, they've been speaking human words to me as though I speak human.

That word "sit" they're so crazy about. How am I supposed to remember that it has to do with the position of my hindquarters?

And that other word, "sit." What's that about?

As if I'm not confused enough, they hurl other random words at me like "sit," "sit", and "sit." You see my point?

I try. I really do, but their demands are ridiculous. Orders flying at me all day long, sometimes they even wake me up! I've started to wonder if they care about me at all, or if they just like bossing me around.

Just yesterday, I heard a new one: "sit." Now what does that mean?

They start shoving on my backside until it lands on the floor and then they praise me like I danced a jig. I still don't know what they want. Life is very confusing when you are beautiful and... well, beautiful.

But I noticed something about you humans as well.

I hear you all talking about God giving you commands and how hard it is to follow them. You get downright fussy about some of them, acting like our Creator doesn't know what He's talking about. You argue back and forth about whether he really meant what he said, whether you'll be in big trouble if you disobey, and how you don't think he truly cares.

I so understand. I feel the same way about my masters. But my question is: If you humans don't want to obey your Master, why are you so aggravated when I feel the same about you?

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