Do You Have To?

Someone said: "You only worship God because you have to. Why would you worship anyone who makes you worship him?"

It's true. the book of Revelation describes the living creatures and the 24 elders falling down continually crying, "Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty." Are they doing it because they have to?


They do have to...the way a writer has to write. An artist has to paint. A musician has to create music. They can't NOT do it because it is what is in them. Passion bubbles up from some inner spring and demands release.

If you learned today that you had won 10 million tax free dollars, you would express it. You would scream, laugh, leap around, and tell everyone you knew. You would have to. You couldn't help it.

When a sinner bound for hell is declared perfect before God, baptized in the Holy Spirit, empowered to live in holiness, and basks in the presence of Almighty God---worship results. We can't help it.  Every new revelation from God, every new exploration of His character, goodness, and strength incites more worship. Adoration bubbles up from an inner spring and demands release.

So the skeptics are right. We worship God because we have to. How can we not?

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