Does He Really Care?

Does God care about human suffering? Does He care when YOU are suffering? How can we tell?
The answer is stamped all over the Bible. God despises human suffering. Hurt and pain were never part of his plan for us. That’s why he started with the Ten Commandments. Every instruction of God since then has been to eliminate the pain we bring on ourselves and other people.

Let's look at His reasons behind the first 10:

1. Have no other gods before Me—because I hate to watch you throw your lives away chasing things that can’t help or love you like I do.

2. Don’t bow to idols—because I created you to stand and worship Me alone. Bowing to idols lessens the glory of all you were meant to be.

3. Do not use My name profanely—because when you don’t reverence the sacred, you miss everything else.

4. Keep my Sabbaths—because you suffer when you work yourself to death and forget to rest as I rested.

5. Honor your father and mother—because I despise seeing older people cast aside when no longer needed and younger people missing out on their wisdom.

6. Do not murder—because I hate unjust killing. If you cannot create life, don't take it.

7. Do not commit adultery—because I hate watching families torn apart.

8. Do not steal—because I hate seeing someone lose what they worked for and someone else harden his heart enough to take it.

9. Do not lie—because it grieves me to watch someone deceive someone else, not realizing they are falling prey to the Father of Lies.

10. Do not covet—because I created you to enjoy contentment and when you covet, you live in emotional unrest.

 "I have indeed seen the misery of my people in Egypt. I have heard them crying out because of their slave drivers, and I am concerned about their suffering."   Exodus 3:7

When we understand that God’s laws are designed to eliminate suffering, we can embrace them joyfully. Are you suffering because of yours or someone else's sin choices?  

God weeps with you.


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