The stone that the builders rejected 
has now become the cornerstone.”  
1 Peter 2:7  

Reject—to dismiss as inadequate. Rejected stones would never become part of an important structure. They remained gravel on the ground, useful for others to walk on but nothing more. Builders rejected stones for a variety of reasons: not big enough, strong enough, or smooth enough. Not flat, pretty, or the right color. In order to fit into a project, a stone had to be just right. The rest were rejected because they were just not enough.

Sometimes we’re rejected for the same reasons. We’re often told that we are not enough: not smart enough, tall enough, handsome enough. Not the right pedigree, race, or gender. Sometimes we assume that since we weren't enough for family, a spouse, or a boss, then we're probably not enough for God either. But He wants us to know that Jesus was also rejected as “not enough.” Jesus did not fit the image the Jews had created for their Messiah. He was not aggressive enough, holy enough, religious enough, or of the right pedigree. But He was exactly the way God wanted Him. Simply because those who didn’t know any better rejected Him did not mean that He was not enough. He became the cornerstone for His church.

In what ways have you felt that you were not enough? 
What if you let Jesus use your rejection for His glory? 


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