“A stone that causes people to stumble and a rock that makes them fall.” 1 Peter 2:8

Imagine exploring the ruins of an ancient city. The tour guide leads you over piles of rubble and beneath cracked archways. When you pause to snap some photos, the group moves on without you. You race to catch up and trip over something. Rubbing your bruised knees, you look for what made you stumble. A huge bolder juts from beneath the rubble. You dust it off and read the ancient inscription that tells you this was the first stone laid in this once-massive cathedral. The entire structure had rested upon the strength and accuracy of this cornerstone. The rest of the stones had crumbled and fallen.  You could kick them out of the way, but not the cornerstone. It was settled deep into the earth and immovable. If you wanted to examine it, you must do so right where it was. It would not move for you. You must move for it.

Jesus is like that Cornerstone. He is the Truth, and Truth does not move out of the way for our sensitivities or preferences. To those who love Him, He is our strength. An immovable fortress. But because Jesus will not change to accommodate us, those who refuse to conform to His will find Him offensive. A stumbling block. People who want to define truth for themselves stumble over His absolutes and His right to be Lord. Like an ancient cornerstone, truth will not change to fit our parameters. Jesus is who He is—either a great comfort or a great offense. We either stumble over Him or embrace Him.
 Each of us must decide whether Jesus is our cornerstone 
or a stumbling block. 
Who is He to you?

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