Power Source

…stay in the city until you are clothed with power from on high.” Luke 24:49

The directions on the box said to press the red button and the blender would come on. You’ve been pressing it for 20 minutes and nothing. Frustration takes over and you stuff it back into the box, grab your receipt, and head to the store. “This thing doesn’t work!” you inform the puzzled clerk. “I did exactly what the instructions said to do and nothing. I want my money back.” The clerk opens the box, takes out the blender, and plugs it in. The motor hums to life while embarrassment washes over you. “Did you plug it in?” the clerk asks. Red-faced, you back out of the store with your perfectly fine blender, hoping you never see the clerk again. There was nothing wrong with the blender or the instructions. You just forgot where the power came from.

Sometimes we forget where our spiritual power comes from. Imagine how bewildered the disciples felt when Jesus told them to stay in the city. What? Hadn’t He just told them to go into the world and preach the gospel? They were ready to go! But Jesus knew something they did not know: only the power of God can transform a life. He does not rely upon coercion, persuasive words, or beautiful music to convict, heal, and save. It would be the Holy Spirit who built the church, working through lives surrendered to Him. If Jesus’ followers had not waited upon that power, their efforts would have been in vain.

Are you plugged in? Wait on the Holy Spirit to do His work through you. The results will astound you.


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