The Wrong Motivators

for the anger of man does not achieve the righteousness of God. James 1:20

“You’re a jerk!” 
“Well, you’re an idiot!” 
“I don’t know why I ever married you!” 
“You stupid kid. You’ll never amount to anything!”

Have you had words like that shot at you? Have you used some of them to wound someone else? Think about the results. Do words hurled in anger motivate the recipients to move closer to what God desires them to be? Are we doing “God’s work” when we try to change someone though anger? He says No.

We often lose our tempers because we feel helpless. We have bought into the idea that other people hold our happiness in their hands. So we try to force them to do what we want so that we can feel better. But we cannot make someone do right, just as no one can make us do right. Many times we use the excuse: “They won’t pay attention to me unless I get really mad!” That only means that you lost their respect a long time ago by having no boundaries. We cannot achieve godly results through ungodly means. Healthy boundaries with consequences keep us from having to become angry. The Bible is a book of boundaries and consequences. God explains His boundary, then sets us free to choose our actions. There are consequences for those actions, both good and bad. Consequences are better teachers than anger—and they bring much better results.

Are you trying to achieve godly results through ungodly means?

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