Who Did It?

Jesus replied, “You are blessed, Simon… because my Father… has revealed this to you." Matt.16:17

The clubhouse was perfect—or so it seemed to a couple of eight-year-old boys. But a wild spring storm turned their plywood masterpiece into a tangled heap of broken lumber and rusty nails. The next day, Dad saw the problem and offered his skill and a garage full of power tools. Before nightfall, the boys had the clubhouse of their dreams with real windows, solid doors, and shiny hinges. They called all their friends to show off what their Dad had done. They didn’t even try to take the credit for it, because they had seen what happened to their best efforts. They understood that the only reason they possessed such a fabulous treasure was because Dad did it.

That’s exactly what Jesus said to Simon. Simon had just aced the pop quiz about salvation, and was feeling pretty good about it. But before he could get puffed up over his superior knowledge, Jesus reminded him that the only way he could have understood those things was because Dad did it. Simon’s own ability to understand would be revealed a few verses later when he tried to stop what Jesus came to do (v. 21-23). It was the Father who enabled Simon to understand who Jesus really is, and it is that same Father who enables us to respond to the knowledge He gives us.

We can humbly gain knowledge when we recognize that comprehension is ours only because Dad did it.


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