The Unlocked Door

Do not give the devil an opportunity. Ephesians 4:27

It’s 10:00 at night. You check your doors and windows, locking your family safely inside your home. Then you go to the front door, open it a crack, and put a rock in the gap. With the door 6 inches ajar, you turn off the lights and go to bed. Is that smart?

Leaving the door ajar is an invitation to snakes, raccoons, bugs, and burglars. When a door is left open all night, you have no control over what may enter. That’s the picture this verse paints for us. When we leave anger unattended in our hearts, we are going to bed with the door open. Our enemy, Satan, has been waiting outside in the dark for such an opportunity. He whistles for the demons and in they come. Because we have ignored God’s counsel to resolve our anger before nightfall, we are an easy target for fear, bitterness, rage, jealousy, hatred, and any number of pests that Satan brings with him. You may never realize where the chaos came from, but you watch in frustration as your relationships turn sour and your peace vanishes. God warns us that unresolved anger is a rock in the door that gives the devil an opportunity to destroy us.

Has your anger provided an opportunity for the devil? Forgiveness and surrender to God can take the rock out of the door and make your heart secure once more.


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