Unexpected Plunder

There was so much plunder that it took them three days just to collect it all!  
2 Chron. 20:25

Jim shook the bank statement at his wife. “How is this possible?” he asked. “We’ve both been out of work for nearly a year, but look at this. We’ve actually got money left over this month. In fact, our balance is higher than it was when we were working. How can that be?” Jena glanced at their balance and shrugged. “I don’t know. You lost your job when you wouldn’t lie for your boss, and my company folded. Since neither was our fault, maybe God is just taking care of us.” Jim nodded. “…and then your aunt died and left us a little money, and those odd jobs that came out of nowhere…” They stared at each other until Jena broke the silence. “Only God could do this! He has provided for us even better than we did when we were working!”

When God gave victory to His people, He wasn’t stingy with the profits. Not only did they defeat their enemies, but God heaped treasures on them as well. Since God owns everything (Ps. 50:9-11), provision is nothing for Him. He also loves to be generous with His children, when He knows we won’t make idols out of His gifts. His provision often comes in unexpected ways, because He enjoys reminding us that He is working on our behalf. Those “coincidences” that came along at just the right moment were not accidents: that opportunity to make extra money, the medical bill that registered an unexpected zero balance, the sudden change of heart in someone you were praying for. God is creative in the ways He provides, even working through what we consider “natural means.”  But when God gets involved, the natural becomes the supernatural. 

How has God provided supernaturally for you? Take time to remember and thank Him for it.

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