How Bright Is Your Moon?

The moon. So mysterious, so eerie or comforting, depending on your frame of mind. It has inspired love songs, ghost stories, and dreamers for centuries.

We talk about moonlight, moonshine, and the phases of the moon as though we knew what we were talking about.

But we all know the moon has no light, shine, or phases of it's own. It's just a hunk of rock, quite ugly and completely unromantic. Without the power of the sun, it's worthless.

Yeah, you already know where I'm going with this, don't you?

I thought about the moon tonight as I finished my walk later than usual. Its yellow glow lit the dark sky around me, and although I could still make out its shadows and craters, they scarcely mattered.

I want to be like that moon. When I look at it, I'm not really seeing the moon. I'm seeing the light of the sun reflected in it. I can tell what it looks like on its own without the sun, but it isn't very interesting by itself. It's nothing beautiful without the sun.

Just like me. When people look at me, I want them to see God. It may be my lips moving, my face they're watching, but I want to disappear and just reflect God's truth, wisdom, love, and beauty.

The goal of my life lately has been to empty myself of ME so there is more room for God. When I counsel a client, my goal is to fade away until all they are aware of is God's love flowing from me, God's truth in my words, God's power to change their hearts.

I want to be like the moon, simply reflecting a greater Light. It's only then that I will accomplish what I was created to do--bring glory to God.


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