Mother's Day Gifts

Mother's Day celebrates what moms have given us. But we mothers have also been given gifts that are sometimes overlooked in the overwhelming responsibility we have been given.

As mothers we gain...
... a deeper understanding of God's heart. After all, He is a parent.
...selflessness, when we would otherwise tend to be selfish.
...the capacity for love deeper than we thought was possible
...the ability to multitask. Only a mother can balance a baby on one hip, answer the phone, check a homework page, and cook dinner with a crying toddler clinging to her leg.
…better hearing. A mom can leap from a deep sleep and be down the hallway in seconds because she heard the baby sneeze.
…faster reflexes. A mom can materialize beneath a dare-devil kid in a tree before he even though about jumping.
...clearer perspective. Let one child become injured or seriously ill, and Moms don't give a rip about anything else.
…clearer memory. Dates and years are remembered in direct relation to our children. "Let's see, Jonny was three then, and that was the year Jenny got her braces, so it was 2002."
...telepathic knowledge. "Don't tell me you're not cold. I know when you're cold. Now put on your coat!"
...powerful facial communication techniques. A mom who's done her job can control an unruly child from across the room with a tilt of her head and a raised brow.
…an expanded heart. We cannot imagine loving another child as much as we love the first one. And then we do.

As we celebrate motherhood, may we as mothers also celebrate the many gifts that come with it. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

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