Pride on Its Back

Often what we call humility is just pride wearing a different hat. 

When I struggle with temptation or drift off course a bit, I am shocked at myself. I beat myself up over it, feeling that in order to be humble, I must be appalled at my own tendency to sin. But actually, that is pride. Did I think I was beyond such fleshly temptation? Did I consider myself immune to the struggles common to everyone else? Why should I be surprised at this reminder that my sinful flesh as susceptible to temptation as anyone's? 

It is only pride that fuels such indignation when I find myself in a struggle. True Humility acknowledges that I am incapable of any good thing apart from the power of Christ. True Humility is never shocked when I am weak, but is pleasantly surprised when I don't give in. 

Self-recrimination is only pride on its back.

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