Their Eyes Were Opened

Then the eyes of both of them were opened… Genesis 3:7

All they had known was perfection and God’s presence. Everything they needed was at their fingertips. But there they stood, at the Naughty Tree, with fruit juice dripping from their chins. The deed was done. There was no going back. They were without excuse, because God had told them what would happen. But because they could not yet see it for themselves, they refused to believe Him. Only when their eyes were opened could they see what they had forfeited.

Have you ever had your eyes opened AFTER the fact? Having our eyes opened means we see ourselves and our choices the way God does. Suddenly all our excuses, justifications, and explanations aren’t enough. We're caught. And in that moment we have three options: 

  • We can hide under the shrubbery in shame, like Adam and Eve did. Some people live their whole lives there, cowering from the presence of a holy God. 
  • Or we can harden our hearts as some people do, and deny everything. With the juice dripping down our naked souls, we insist that we are dressed in silk and God is pleased with us. Shame hovers in the background there too, but we call it something else. 
  • Or we can agree with God about our sin. We can confess it, turn away from it, and hand it to Him. When we do, He puts our shame on His own Son and restores us to fellowship with Him (1 Pet. 2:24). 


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