Corrupting Pride


Your heart was corrupted by pride…your wisdom corrupted by your love of splendor.” Ezekiel 28:17

He was breathtakingly beautiful. Dazzling colors flashed from his jewel-encrusted body, while music emanated from him as though his very being was a symphony. He breathed out harmonies that filled the universe and made distant stars sing for joy. His power and authority were unchallenged, limited only by the One who created him. But it wasn’t enough. Being second in command was not enough. He narrowed his amethyst eyes and said to himself, “I will be like the Most High” (Is. 14:14).

If we ever wonder how God feels about pride, we have only to look at Lucifer’s downfall. Pride is the elevation of one’s own importance beyond what God has allotted. Pride was the first sin. It twisted God’s perfect universe and defiled the humans who were created to be like Him. And God despises it. He can’t work in and through us when we are drenched in pride. Lucifer’s pride was obvious, but ours is not always so clear. Lucifer’s pride manifested itself as overt arrogance and defiance of God’s right to be God. We sometimes follow his example when we refuse to bow the knee or the heart to God’s authority in our lives. But pride wears many other masks and can disguise itself so well that we hardly recognize it. This week we will look at a few of those masks and identify some places where pride may be limiting God’s power and presence in our lives.

Are you mimicking Lucifer’s pride? Are there areas of your life in which you insist on being your own god? 


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