Write Your Own Funeral

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 A time to be born and a time to die... Ecclesiastes 3:2

"It's a boy!" Shouts of joy fill the delivery room. When a new life enters the world, we instinctively rejoice because life is worth celebrating. We send out birth announcements and tie pink or blue balloons on our mailboxes. Moms talk for months about names, nursery colors, and diaper choices. Dads start browsing little league equipment and worrying about college costs. Each parent secretly dreams that this son or daughter might play major league baseball or become President. Anticipation builds as the due date approaches and no one fears discussing it. But we don't do that with death.

At the mention of death, the room goes still. Awkward silence holds everyone captive. We treat it as a swear word, lowering our voices and our eyes as though the very mention of it is obscene. Yet, the Bible says that death has its season just as much

as birth does. As we thoughtfully prepare for the birth of a child, so should we thoughtfully prepare for death. We do that by being mindful of the way we live during this season of life. 

Jesus called it storing up “treasure in heaven” (Matt. 6:19-20). When He is Lord of our lives, death is merely the entrance into His presence (1 Cor. 15:55), a simple change of address. If we have lived for Him during this season, then we have been preparing for the next. Every kind word, selfless deed, monetary sacrifice, or soul won to Christ is a treasure for which God desires to reward His children. By obeying Him here, we are sending treasure on ahead where it is waiting for us. We understand that we should prepare for every season of life—death is no exception.

We write our own funerals by the way we live our lives. Do you like the epitaph that your life is writing? 


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