Understand the Times

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All these men understood the signs of the times and knew the best course… 1 Chronicles 12:32 

Unwed Teen Pregnancy at All-time High. ISIS Claims Responsibility for More Murders. Pastor Sued for Comments About Gay Marriage. These are the signs of our times. A sign means a symptom of a deeper moral and spiritual issue affecting a culture. Addiction, for example, is a sign of an idolatry problem. The teen suicide epidemic is a sign of a culture that has lost its purpose and moral compass. Violence, sexual perversion, fatherless families, and drug addiction are all signs that our culture has switched gods. We need leaders today who understand the signs of the times and know the best course for our country.

To understand the times means that we recognize the changes in our culture, embrace the positive ones, and discern the best ways to address the negative. We learn to see problems in our world from God’s perspective. Rather than stab wildly at every surface issue, those who understand the times address the deeper spiritual causes behind them. Understanding the times means we refuse to be unduly influenced by popular opinion, personal ambition, or selfish gain. We learn from the patterns in history and are unaffected by the empty promises of ambitious leaders who have no substance. People with discernment can see the root cause of a problem and the steps needed to overcome it. We implement those steps, even if it means temporarily enduring unpleasant circumstances. We become such people by walking with God, knowing His word, and obeying it.  

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