Can't Shake That Label

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Imagine having your name forever linked with public scandal. Bathsheba knew how that felt. It did not matter how many wonderful things she did after that fateful bubble bath on the roof. It didn’t even matter that she may not have known she was being ogled. Because of one huge mistake, her name became forever known as the woman who got beloved King David into hot water with God.

Maybe you have a label like that plastered across your reputation. You’re no longer that person, but there are pockets of people who will forever think of you that way—and that knowledge brings constant shame. Sometimes the choices we make have lifelong repercussions, but that does not mean that God has turned away from us. It was God who sent Nathan the prophet to confront David about his sin. It was God who brought consequences for that sin—the death of their infant son. Bathsheba had to suffer those consequences, but it was also God who gave them another son named Solomon. This son would one day become the wealthiest, wisest king who ever lived. Psalm 51 is David’s cry of repentance, and it reminds us that God forgives and restores when we turn from our sin. God chose a woman linked with adultery to be a vital part in His plan.

What negative labels have you carried? God is in the restoration business.


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