From Woman of the Night to Woman of Virtue

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Rahab made her living in the red-light district of Jericho, a pagan city, filled with idol worship and evil of every sort. God commanded Moses’ successor, Joshua, to destroy it. He sent spies in, and they would have been caught and killed if Rahab had not hidden them. She had heard of Israel’s God, and she begged the spies to spare her family when Israel attacked. They agreed, and when Jericho fell, Rahab and her family joined the Israelite community and learned to worship the one true God. Because of her heart change, Rahab was accepted into their company and even married an Israelite man.

God included people like Rahab in the Bible to prove to us that no one is too sinful, too broken, or too late to be used by God. Rahab is a perfect example of the kinds of people Jesus came to save. Her past ceased to matter when she repented and turned toward God. His grace transformed a woman of the night into a woman of virtue. He further honored her by choosing her and her son, Boaz, to be in the line of Christ. The son of a former idol-worshiping prostitute became the great-grandfather of King David. God loves to honor those who honor Him (Prov. 8:17). He blesses those who bless Him. Only God can make a filthy heart clean. And only He can make a tattered past remain in the past.

 Do you fear that you or someone you love is too broken for God to use? Rahab’s story should encourage you

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