Wait For It...

Some people love being single and enjoy the freedom to serve God without a spouse. The apostle Paul even preferred singleness and encouraged others to see it as a way to avoid trouble and follow God without distraction (1 Cor. 7:32-35). But others feel the sting of loneliness and wonder what is taking Miss/Mr. McDreamy so long to show up. Sadly, many of these people get tired of waiting on God and try to meet needs in ungodly ways. 

 Before there was Match.com or eHarmony, the book of Ruth encouraged frustrated singles. Ruth’s husband died and there were no likely prospects on the horizon. Her mother-in-law, Naomi, decided to move back to her home country of Israel. Rather than remain in her native land, Ruth went with her. A widow, a foreigner, and the sole caretaker for an elderly mother-in-law, Ruth could have drowned in self-pity or pursued self-interest. Instead, she gladly devoted herself to helping Naomi. Her beautiful spirit caught the admiration of one of Israel’s most eligible bachelors—the dashing Boaz! Naomi shared some expert flirting tips with her daughter-in-law and after a whirlwind romance, Ruth and Boaz married. Ruth the outsider became the great-grandmother of Israel’s King David. Ruth speaks from the pages of history and encourages women who desire to marry: “Wait for your Boaz!” And Boaz’s counsel is to single men is equally wise: “Look for a Ruth!”

Are you committed to waiting for God’s best in every area of your life? His best requires your full cooperation

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