Shattered Treasure

 As soon as they hear it, Satan comes and takes away the word that was sown in them.”  Mark 4:15

It was stunning! Marcy smiled at the exquisite vase she had finished after months of learning the art of pottery, getting the firing just right, and working with glazes and colors. It would be worth it when her mother saw this gift—a close replica of the gift her mother had received from her young groom on their wedding day fifty years ago. Marcy couldn’t take her mother’s cancer away or lessen the grief of her husband’s death, but she could give her this. It would mean more than a thousand diamonds because of what it represented. She boxed her treasure carefully and carried it toward her car, mentally planning the surprise.

Suddenly, a gang of young men surrounded her. One grabbed her purse, another the box, and a third knocked her to the ground as they ran toward the alley. Marcy struggled to her feet at the sound of shattering pottery. The men were gone, but the box with its broken vase lay crumpled against a brick wall. Brightly colored shards spilled from its overturned side. What had once been a treasure was now useless. The gift so lovingly crafted would never benefit anyone.

Satan and his band of demons do the same thing to the word of God. Before it can be accepted as a priceless treasure, Satan shatters it with deception, doubt, or ridicule. He introduces destructive relationships, pride, or addictions that snatch the truth away from hearts before it is fully considered. The treasures of God’s word are useless to us when shattered against brick walls of defiance or skepticism. His word so lovingly crafted cannot benefit anyone who remains imprisoned by satanic ideas.
 If the treasures from God’s word rarely make a difference in your life, who or what is shattering them?

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