How Productive Are You?


some thirty, some sixty, some a hundred times what was sown.”  Mark 4:20

The dying man forced a smile to his sunken lips. “Thank you, nurse, for your help. I prayed for all you girls today.” The nurse smoothed back white strands of hair from her patient’s forehead. “Mr. Banks, you’re such a sweetheart. Ever since you prayed with that pastor, you’ve changed. We all noticed.” He gripped her hand. “I spent 80 years living for money, fame, and lust. I wasted my life, but Jesus saved me last month, and before I join Him, I want to tell everyone what He did for me.”

God’s word had taken root in Mr. Banks’ heart only a short time ago, but it was already producing fruit. Because he wasted most of his life on selfish pursuits, he can’t be as productive as the missionary who spent a lifetime serving God and others. But thankfully, God does not judge us according to what other people have done. He only holds us accountable for what we have done with what He has given us. A Sudanese widow trying to keep her children alive is not held to the same standard as an American evangelist with advanced degrees. The starving widow may actually do more with what she was given than many others who are squandering opportunities. God knows the material, educational, and spiritual blessings he has entrusted to each of us, and by that standard He judges our lives.

How eternally productive are you?  Are you producing thirty sixty, or a hundred times what was sown?


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