Life and Death Obedience


Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right.  Ephesians 6:1

Pam and Lisa stood in Lisa’s driveway chatting, unaware that their toddlers were inching nearer the street, chasing a butterfly. Far down the block, a truck careened around the corner and hurtled toward them. Pam whirled to see her son Blake step into the street, followed by Lisa’s daughter, Jenny. “Stop!” both mothers screamed. Lisa leaped to her feet. “Jenny! Come back!” Jenny gave her mother a mischievous grin and continued her butterfly chase. Pam raced down the drive, knowing she would never reach her son in time. “Blake! Stop! Now!” she ordered. Blake froze to the spot and turned toward his mother as the truck roared past. Across the street, Jenny’s tiny body lay in a crumpled heap. One child had learned how to obey; one had not.

Teaching children obedience is not very popular these days. We’re all about self-esteem and reasoning with our two-year olds. We are victims of Satan’s subtle message that children are fragile creatures whose self-worth will shatter at a raised voice or a lowered paddle. The barrage of conflicting information from so-called “experts” is enough to make even the most grounded parent cringe with insecurity. But the God who designed children has given us clear instructions about how to raise them. When we insist that they instantly obey a loving command, we protect them from harm and produce wonderful little people who are a delight to everyone. When children learn to obey their parents, they take a giant step toward learning to obey God.


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