When Bitterness Takes Over

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Tamar had to be wondering what was wrong with her husband-selecting skills. Husband #1 was wicked, so God killed him. She married his brother, but he was a jerk and God killed him too. The bio clock was ticking louder when Tamar and her father-in-law Judah turned inquisitive eyes on the youngest brother. Since he hadn’t even started to grow facial hair, Judah advised Tamar to go back to her father’s household and wait for the little guy to grow up. 

But Tamar’s track record made Judah nervous, so when it came time for little brother to marry, his dad picked a safer bride. When word came through the grapevine that her double-crossing father-in-law had married off little brother and bypassed her altogether, bitterness set in. Tamar disguised herself as a prostitute and seduced Judah. Only when she revealed she was pregnant with twins did he learn her identity. Tamar got her babies and her revenge, but at great cost to herself and her family.

When bitterness takes over, it closes minds, hardens hearts, and causes us to become people we never imagined we would become. Bitterness is an open door to a staircase leading downward to broken dreams, broken relationships, and broken fellowship with God. But God promises to redeem even our worst mistakes when we trust Him with them. Despite the fact that their son Perez was conceived in prostitution and disgrace, God chose him to be a great-great-granddaddy of Jesus Christ.

What has bitterness cost you? God will redeem it if you let go and trust Him with it.

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